Instant Invisibility vs DoT


Instant Invincibility should prevent DoT, it is ridiculous that you still get DoT when using instant invunerable shield.


DoT is changed to be based on health not attack.


DoT is like being poisoned. Even if you shield the initial damage you still have the poison in your system.


Does a cleansing move still stop DoT


Cleansing stops it from progressing yes.


How does poison get into the dinos system? It would be through piercing of the skins. The instant invulnerability shield prevents any damage from the initial attack, so how would poison get into the dinos system? So no, it still shouldn’t allow DoT.


Maybe they farted a toxic gas and the dinosaur inhaled it.


Very very possible! I’m sure dinos never had good hygiene! :face_vomiting:


obviously this! perfect!


This is not true except for dinos like Amargocefalo and their Impacts raising the tail… My suchotator proudly burps! :rofl: