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Instant lab for lost your animals

Ok i know, send a email support…let’s go arquelon lvl 40…and…zero arquelon in my park, maybe that turtle is too big…


That stinks. It wasn’t even a full paddock issue like others have been.

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I wonder if the fact that the paddock was “empty” is playing a role here?

In any event, screenshot your Paddock before using the Instant Creation Lab


Sheez, it’s just typical Ludia that this is so darn buggy still. Full paddock, creature disappears. Empty paddock, creature disappears. Or level you don’t have already, disappears. Or original bug… creates a new hybrid… it disappears. And then a 7-10 day wait to get it back.

It just always amazes me still to see this kind of thing happen so regularly in this game but I guess in gaming a complete lack of testing and using live releases as your beta testing is more common than in my field, where this kind of nonsense would be grounds for getting fired!

But yeah, my guess is that this is similar to the original bug with hybrids… when you fuse the two creatures, the paddock essentially disappears due to nothing being in it and the Instant Lab seems to have issues when that happens in being able to drop the new creature back into the game.


I had a similar issue…

I just tried to “instant fuse” my two Edestus 30s (to make one 40) and not only did it not fuse, I now have lost BOTH of my 30 level creatures.

Sent note to support, but frustrating …


@Henry1… that’s what is being described here. It likely did fuse, there just seems to be a bug where the resulting creature then disappears from the game.

I do not have any idea how and why, but my non-VIP park level 25 friend lost the Antarctopelta (!) he had put in his hatchery, he sold his level 22 Alangasaurus and a lot of rare locked creatures to touch 7K DNA and buy it. He claims that when he returned to the game his Antarctopelta wasn’t anywhere - market, repository, hatchery, etc. I told him to contact support, but not sure what they can do for him.

This might be a little off-topic but if disappearing dinosaurs from the park is a common issue, then there might be some guesses on what could have happened to his 7K DNA worth of hard work.

I think it has to do with the second bullet:

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I would think they would be able to help if he can provide details about what happened and when. That sounds like a very different issue though, that wouldn’t have anything to do with the VIP Instant Lab problem.

If he doesn’t use Facebook to sync his game, I’d strongly recommend it. Although I use it on both my Sansung phone and my iPad and routinely have issues with things that I did disappearing when switching from one device to the other. But can’t say I’ve ever had a creature I purchased completely disappear. The most common issue I have is I put something in the Hatchery and then hours later when I open the game on the other device, it’s not in there…it’s still sitting in my market (and often as a result, sucks up some trade offers).


Yes, my instant lab changes for a waiting 5 or 7 days for the animal back…fu…

Very frustrating!

I told him to contact support. I don’t know exactly what he wrote to them. I had to explain what a support key is and also informed him to say every detail, but if he doesn’t give the entire details I’m afraid there’s not much support may be able to do for him.

I asked him to verify if he had the Antarctopelta sitting somewhere but he confirmed it wasn’t anywhere - he lost his Alangasaurus, rare locked creatures as well as the 7K DNA he saved up.

I’ve made regular use of my Instant Creation Lab to go to new levels and create new hybrids. The only issues I’ve had were with a full paddock. But I’ve never had an empty paddock. So, I think the paddock being either empty or full is triggering the bug. Has anyone had issues other than with an empty or full paddock?


Well that’s good to know, if we can eliminate the new level creature from the don’t do’s. So you have made a new level creature but had extras in the paddock? I would think that a new hybrid would be a problem since no paddock would exist and be similar to the no creatures left issue.


I had two level 30 Suchomimuses which I fused not too long ago (maybe 2-3 days earlier) and I used Instant Fuse… I still have the level 40. Those level 30s were the only ones in the paddock.

Yeah I’ve done something similar to @Jurassic_Fury and still kept a level 40 sarchosuchus I think it was, only two level 30s In the paddock, this might be an issue with aquatic and cenezoic because essentially there is no paddock for these creatures they all share the same bio dome, so the game screws up thinking it’s a new creature and doesnt know where to put it.

So I think for the time being to only use the creation lab on jurassic creatures that dont have a full paddock and not for any aquatics, cenozoics or creating new hybrids.

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Although I’m not sure if it was really hassle-free, I think I had to take it out of my Repository or so. I don’t remember clearly since I was too excited about maxing a locked creature.

I’m gonna test this on one of my aquatics in two days because I’m sure I have used this to create a level 20 umoon, (empty paddock) with no problems, fortunately I’ve not had one problem with the lab yet (touch wood) :crossed_fingers:


Note to self: Don’t use the ICL when:

  1. Paddock is full
  2. Paddock is empty
  3. It’s an aquatic (not sure, but just to be safe)
  4. Cenozoic?

For maximum safety only use the ICL for fusing triceratops and no other creatures :joy: