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Instant lab for lost your animals

Said I would use the ICL to fuse an aquatic but I dont have any ready for fusion as of yet so I will test this next week instead.

Something weird did happen this time with the ICL after fusing a level 20 ptera gen 2, went straight to build mode as if the game was recognising it as an entirely new creature.

Maybe it’s part of the game and the missing fusions are where ingen are stepping in and taking the creatures like in lost world and fallen kingdom :joy:

I wrote support almost a week ago… absolutely no response other than automated. Any suggestions?

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Me too, waiting for my turtle, i received now my archelon lvl 31, since Saturday…i thought i received…but didn’t…edited message*

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So I got a notification in the Report Center saying that I was getting my level 31 Entelorhacos. I clicked on it and guess what? No Entelorhacos. :man_shrugging:t3::man_facepalming:t3::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Me too, yesterday, i created a new topic talking about that in our forum

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Still waiting for a response, over 3 days now. I lost my Dunkleosaurus my most expensive Aquatic.

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What level was he?

I am so sorry for you guys this is frustrating!
I only used icl to make a lvl 31 ceratosaurus and also a lvl 11 mosasaurus but it worked just fine.
I also took a screen shot beforehand both times, but the moment I might forget to do that something awful will happen, I can feel it.

After reading all this I will definitely not attempt using icl on hybrids.

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If the instant lab is buggy just don’t use it … honestly there are times when I think you guys like to lose animals :expressionless:

Typically response time is 5 days.

It was level 10. So there doesn’t seem to be a pattern because I lost two level 20 Leedsichthys as well. However I just got a message that replacements will be mailed to me in 2-3 days.

Oh there’s an idea, don’t use a part of the game that I’m literally paying to get (VIP membership). It’s stupid that we can’t use the ICL. It’s even more stupid that is so well documented and nothing has been done about it. I’m close to not playing any more and canceling my VIP membership. Ludia stole 25,000,000 of my fairly earned DNA that I had screenshots of. I won’t continue to support a company that treats its players like crap. I know my little bit of money does nothing, but still. Stupid Ludia.

This is one of the reasons why I’m not a VIP and I don’t pay anything in any game … companies always treat us like nothing.

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