Instant Shields Don't Stay Up

Bug Description: When using a priority shield in a battle, when a faster opponent also uses a priority move, the player’s shield deactivates instantly after cast/at the end of the current turn. This applies to Dig In, Bellow, and Instant Invincibility.

Area it was found in: Arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- In an Arena battle, select a priority shield move with a single-use shield, such as Dig In or Instant Invincibility.
Step 2 - When move selection is over, if opponent is faster and also uses a priority move, their move will happen first.
Step 3 - When the player’s creature casts its priority shield, such as Dig In, the shield vanishes as soon as the turn ends.

How often does it happen: Any time a player uses a priority shield that is slower than an opponent’s priority move.

What type of device are you using: Samsung Galaxy S-Something

Anything else? Essentially, this is a waste of a move. You gain no benefit from the shield cast, which, depending on the move in question, can result in a “missed turn.” This can turn a battle out of a player’s favor or guarantee a loss.

That’s supposed to happen


This is not a bug. This is how instant shields work now. They only stay up for the round they are used. If the opponent swaps out or uses a faster priority moves the instant shield is wasted.


Okay, so maybe I kinda knew it wasn’t a bug. Maybe I should’ve put this in suggestions. Bottom line is, it stinks to have no effect on a battle for one turn because your opponent used a priority before you could. I guess whether or not it should remain that way is up to the devs, but I’m firmly in the camp of “no, it shouldn’t, that’s a waste of a player’s battle resources and can lose a perfectly good match.”

They can easily change the function of these shields to “2 rounds, 1 attack” and fix this.


Technically, the logic for this change is that you can “outwit” you opponent, not my favorite but it’s understandable why

Actually alll EXCEPT group invincibility cause of course ludia said screw consistency.

I think the same thing still works

Nope tried it in game.

Then we have taunt invincibility for some reason have only turn 2 Cooldown which dumb as well, like why?

That’s because it doesnt have “this turn” in its description. It lasts for 2.

I’m but my question is why? It makes no sense the rest of the dinosaurs wit instant invincibility now have to be absolutely on point with their timing and can be screwed over just by another “outplaying” them by using your own priority move. So why just leave only Bajatondon and Geminititan as the expectations. I mean they changed all priority shields like that so why not change those two to fall in line. Or better make the rest of the invincibility moves work like group invincibility so that way when something goes cloak and you predict that and also go for invincibility you can be rewarded instead of outplayed.

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Plus who does this benefit? No one really. The problem before was you hit the shield twice and it wouldn’t go away but now you don’t hit it all and it just gets thanos snapped like what?

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You could bait people into doing it by timing a cloak or and ID, and honestly this mechanic works fine. But GI is different as it’s a group move, while the others are designed to tank a big hit that would otherwise target a vulnerable creature. The mechanic works fine, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Ik but then it’s kinda unfair tho. I mean why shouldn’t instant distraction or cloak work the same way. Like that way you can bait them into using it and being just as useless. Plus it’s supposed to protect against 1 attack but most of the time it really doesn’t and it’s a waste of a turn especially against a creature you know can’t break through it.

I mean I guess but it’s really should make a difference if anything it makes more sense for the group one to only protect that turn since it’s basically no damage for everyone and the single invincibility should last 2 turns if not hit or 1 if hit.


But it’s not it’s really gonna break it would just bring it back to the state before 2.0 and it was fine and balnced then so why not now? It would only change a couple of things

Situation 1: double invincibility
So say you have to diorajasaurs fighting and they both go for TII at the same thing the only difference is that the faster dioraj or the one that attacks first after they both put up the invincibility is gonna take full damage why the one who was lower or attacks second get no damage take from the main attack as long as it also doesn’t attack. But there is away around this, just use group shields again.

Situation 2: double priority moves

Now if you go instant distraction, evasive stance, cloak, sidestep, side flap, , GEH etc the shield will stay up until the opponent attacks next turn or the next time it attacks. It just mean you played smart and predicted they go for that and now you sacrificed offense for defense. Plus you have priority moves that can avoid this like instant charge, immobilize, instant rampage,tip the scales, camouflage and its not like others can’t do do their jobs like heal or distract plus you can always use defense shattering or nullification.

  1. Swap ins
    Basically you can’t just swap and have the shield just disappear after you swap it will stay till you attack it but against stuff like swap in savagery, stun, stunning stike, wound and or swap in headbutt can bypass, hurt the creatures or cancel the shield before it ever gets a chance to be put up.

Plus I would say just make this only for priority invincibility why not others like bellow and dig-in


Because for some reason they insist on having it block 2 attacks, so if it lasted 1 turn or 2 turns it would be OP. I say just take away that second attack, but they refuse to for some reason.

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I mean I guess that useful in raids but like how since only lux has a counter and even then the shield is to just block the rampage which won’t matter how many attacks it block since the minions are dead by that point.

Right like is it that hard to do this for every priority or swap in invincibility attack

Nah, we need that 2-turn cooldown. Also, it doesn’t need to last 2 turns to have the desired effect, 1 is enough.

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One attack is enough, too. It’s great that they tweaked it “for raids” or whatever, but raids aren’t what I use it for every day. I use it for Arena,and there, having it block 2 attacks for the present turn only is useless.

GI is the exception as not every creature is going to use the shield at the same time, unless it’s a group attack, but what you’re suggesting is having IIT be 1 turn, 1 attack, which can ruin its raid viability