Instant Shields Don't Stay Up

Actually it need 2 turns I tried other that have one turn and we’ll it’s iffy on how the system I understands it so 2 is just better to be reliable. And sure it could be 2 but like u think 3 isn’t a problem but if you need to be too I suppose the other invincibilities should be like that

How though? Most times you use this are to soak large damage from the boss and the minions are usually dead by that point so what raid will this effect?

Mammotherium, Pyritator, the incoming Indominus raid, Stygidaryx, Smilonemys, Grypolyth, Indoraptor, Ceramagnus, Lux, and Gorgotrebax, all of them have minions and moves that almost require IIT to have 2 attacks. Not all strats use them, but it could really hurt the viability of creatures like Ardonto or Anky (Anky is actually a solid choice for higher level raids, like nemys and Indo)

Note that not all star one shot the minions or even try to kill them, so having 2 attackes blocked helps tremendously. It’s not a problem, so I don’t see why it needs to change

Lasting one turn would make it go back to how it was at the start of 2.0, except the extra attack, so it would be the same as pre-2.0 Instant Invincibility.

If you increase the cooldown from 2 to 3 that ruins a lot of current strats so please don’t.

Because of the priority moves and swaps making it disappear before it does anything in the arena. It’s not a major issue though.

So why does it need to change? It was a change made to check Max and Tryko’s power, but now I think it functions fine, balanced in raids and arena while still being incredibly strong

It doesn’t need to change. I’m fine with it the way it is currently. I wasn’t aware that people were using that second attack in raids, so I’d rather it stay the same now.

Yeah it’s mostly when the minions aren’t dead that turn, I’m not saying it can’t happen, but balancing raids off of one well known strategy just seems wrong to me