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Instant vip lab issue, and the don't working!

Hi, as we know instant lab has an issue, I sent my email for support Ludia last Saturday, the day i have lost my Arquelon lvl 31, tonight when i open my game and received my support from ludia by mail game, sending my arquelon lvl 31… i was happy…but…where is my arquelon lvl 31? I’m counting my instant vip lab…“6 days trying fusion that turtle”, IMG-20200918-WA0068|690x388

Maybe i’m dreaming and i never had that turtle​:thinking::rofl:…thinking… i really like this game because the bugs are terrible :persevere:

In News maybe…

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Hey Filllipe, has your issue been resolved? If not, please send me a private message of your support key, and I could take a closer look at this for you. Thanks! :smiley:

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Don’t ned😪

How do i send a private message here?

I sent you over a message, Filllipe.

I had the same issue with the instant lab fusion. Support sent me two replacements in the game mail. I clicked on them and they disappeared. I can’t find them in my inventory. I sent support a request. This is disappointing after waiting five days for the solution.

Ummmm !!! I wonder why I do not lose dinosaur while using instant creation lab.

I think it is only happening to Aquatic and Cenozoic creatures

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I had lost 2 dinosaurs in the VIP instant breeding lab that were going to level 40 (edestus and bananogmius). But they all returned it to me without incubating. Now they don’t want to provide me with dinobucks so I can incubate them. I have no more rights?