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Instantly get vip monthly perks

It’s frustrating to for new VIP subscribers to wait for months before they get the perks they want which in my case are the instant hatchery/creation buildings.

Ludia should implement a subscription feature in which if say i pay for 2 months of VIP, i instantly get month 1 and month 2 perks instead of having to wait.

Or they can just reduce the time it takes to hatch tournament creatures, but that’s not very profitable isn’t it ludia?

Some of us were VIP members for quite some time before they even introduced the monthly VIP rewards, but yet we are still inching along day by day towards the next release just like everyone else.

My advice is to enjoy the game and don’t focus on what you don’t have yet as it will all come in time.


No, I think this is fine. We get the rewards over time. It encourages long-term support from VIP players.


^ This.


Actually it’s a lot more profitable for ludia if they draw out players subscription rather than handing everything to them at once, keeps players more invested into the game, I get your idea but why should a newer vip member get instant access to perks that older vip members have had to wait for?

It really doesnt matter if someone has paid membership for a month or a year, if theyve paid for a year they’re guaranteed to get 12 months of perks in time and if theyve paid for a month they will keep needing to pay each month in order to gain their perks. If you want instant perks for money that’s what the packs in the market are for.