Instead of a discount how about

A special event where you can sell dino’s for more DNA than normal?

What is the selling rate now 50% i think right?

Instead of 50% have a special like once or twice a year where you can sell for like 75% I mean hey if you wanna get crazy 100% of cost… maybe too much IDK?

We have discounts and special for everything else so why not?


Pretty good idea as I have a lot of creatures that do not get used in PvE and can be sold, I just cant bring myself to selling them, pachyceratops and diplotator just to name a few…


You can’t sacrifice poor Diplotator! You can’t do that to her. :cry:

Look at her goofy face and reconsider it. Spare her! :sob:


They end up getting used as the attack spammers in the rare only coin event lol yeah I’m that lazy :sweat_smile:


Yeah I’m with you on that. I don’t like selling stuff too much but if the price was right I might be willing to let a few go that I know I will get back over time.

Idk again like I said, why not. 75% wouldn’t break the game, even 100% most people don’t like to sell too much. The only thing with 100% is I think people might start farming SDNA dino’s for DNA at that point you know who I am talking about.


Yeah dime would be on the chopping board if I could get 75 percent or 100 percent, heck even a few indos…


Other than Dime, Spino and Indoraptor you wouldn’t make too much DNA really. Maybe the people sitting on a ton of Rajastega’s could make some reasonable DNA at 75% but other than that it’s not like people would be selling anything stronger than that. People would mainly be dumping full paddocks the commons, rares, SR and legendaries. So even if you were dumping lvl 40’s it’s not like you are going to make 1million DNA… well maybe if you had enough lvl 40 legendaries. But at the same time, the players that have that that much inventory does it really matter much? They need 1M DNA just to buy a few expensive hybrids to even add 1 useful creatures to their lineup


Oh ofc but with the overabundance of carnivores in the top lineup a few indos here and there for 60 to 80k dna wouldnt hurt specially as I would use the dna for more of the other classes. I’d gain the sdna back in time eventually.


Reconsider. Look in her eyes and please pick someone else.


Never… I’m actually aiming for a full maxed out paddock :grin:

Pretty achievable with coin CT and modded PvP.


Diplotator happy. Diplotator calm.