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Instead of April 1st, I think it would be a bit more logical to end the Covid 19 game adjustments on August 1st

Now I’m not sure if you’re saying April 1st as a prank, but I’m hoping it’s not April 1st.

The reason is because of this achievement right here. I would like to know how many years it would take to complete if we didn’t have the store offering us darts to buy with coins each day haha. Now I believe I have collected this offer every single day and the achievement I am still only on is Bank Of Darts: 16000/21500.

Either way, if you’re talking about it from the very beginning that is 214,500 darts needing to be collected to finish the final achievement. You get 1400 darts to buy with coins(let’s exclude supply drop darts just because that number can vary quite a bit) 214,500 divided by 1400 is just under 154 days. Also equivalent to about just over 5 months.

Update 2.5 came about 1 week before March 1st. So if you’ve collected every dart in the store since then you should be somewhere around where I am at I assume? This also means we would all need that extra 4 months to finish the entire achievement set I believe. The fact the set of achievements would average 5 months to complete with an advantage is outstanding(I can deal with it definitely), but when that advantage is gone, imagine how long it would take, haha. I bet the game would of shut down before some people get that achievement.

I don’t mind if the Giga scents are taken out, even the extra drone range. But please for this mission, not the daaaaaarts!!! Haha, if the darts are taken out by April 1st, I wish you all the best of luck with this achievement.


wait, theyre taking everything away, like why. the literally messed up the map

Yeah, there’s still a pandemic going on. Until everyone (including kids) is vaccinated, people still need to be staying put as much as possible. Another 38,000 new cases just yesterday here in the US.

There’s no game here for me to play at all without the current radius and Giga scents. I already can’t reach any raids or many strikes most days.

gotta admit I really hope the darts and extended radius stay a little while longer, don’t mind the scents going, but not permanently but maybe till august like you said. I don’t think collecting darts from drops counts when your dart count shows it above max, but correct me if I’m wrong please. Unless ludia can fix drop and boss spawns before the deadline of April 1st then I wouldn’t mind them taking away the extended radius either. And I just hope that the deadline is an april fools joke itself rn


Agreed. Please be 1 big April fools joke. I actually quite like the giga scents and everything. They greatly increased my play time since I can actually reach more stuff and dart while I’m at work. If they go, my play time will drastically reduce.