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Instead of feeding dinos add a "snack" button?

My son likes to “take care of the park” by petting the dinos, feeding them, collecting coins and even some PvP.

He gets bummed out when I tell him he can’t feed a dino due to balancing or if it is at a level cap or level max.

What if you added a “snack” button that maybe took 1 food (or 0 or 10, or whatever level your park is) that “feeds” the dino, but has no real game effect?

Also, be sure to put this button in a different spot, so no one mixed up feed and snack?

Just a thought. (I think this has come up before for maxed dinos, but I’d like this added to all dinos.)

The crazy ideas our little park caretakers have. :slight_smile:

And, if you give the dino too many snacks, a don’t feed the animals sign could pop up?


Thanks for the suggestion, Timmah. :slight_smile:


cool! I would like to feed my dinos again!

Yeah I definitely want a “kid mode” that lets me leave my park in my kid’s hands and I don’t have to worry about him selling my best dinosaurs and he can have fun petting them and watching the feeding animation.


Kid mode! That is an even better idea.

Won’t needless spend dino bucks on lots of different things.

  1. No leveling up
  2. No selling anything
  3. No spending dino bucks on anything but PVP
  4. No starting evolving or hatching, but can place hatch-lings and can continue/finish evolving dinos that are already started.

I also always wanted:

  1. Dino battle simulator (you fight, but no reward, no cool down, can pick dinos on both sides… from anything!?)
  2. Code 19 “trainer” practice code 19s (no reward). I’d even pay coins to practice.

Those are all good ideas @Timmah. I hope Ludia eventually implements something like this. It’s a great way to get kids interested in dinsoaurs, gives us users peace of mind and stress free fun time with kids or grand kids and, bonus for Ludia, introduces kids to dinosaur game apps. Win - win all round.


The Code 19 Trainer idea was something I was thinking of today,today I just got about 205 DNA from my Rajastgea,when I knew it said upto 290,so could have went much better.

I was also thinking of something that let’s you tour your Park and see it like a real park , where you can view it from multiple angles. I really wish we could trigger code 19s by angering a Dino,it has happened to me occasionally,that I visit a Paddock,and then the dinosaur in that paddock tries to escape immediately after I exit the paddock even if I did not anger it.


Ahh…you have to make sure that the kid cannot turn off kid mode. A password perhaps?


same with me.