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Instead of new creatures....FIX THE GAME!

The title says it all, how can one game have so many bugs and yet Ludia actually don’t care, the game crashes on loading, it crashes loading battles, it crashes during battles, the map doesn’t load, PvP is a pile of garbage putting you up against much higher level creatures for the same trophies?! Honestly, get it sorted. It’s almost farcical now.


This I will definitely agree with. They’ve never done a major bugfix update. This needs to happen. So instead of 2.3 having new dinos/features it needs to be something like this: 2.3 [Revision Update], includes: mostly bugfixes, mechanics rework, AI rework, matchmaking rework, detailed/major creature balancing, boost reset, etc.


Two biggest complaints…the battles almost always time out now post 2.2 and some people are unable to make purchases in the store. @Ludia_Developers

Get used to it, that’s what we call #Ludia style.

A thousand years ago it was like that, a thousand years later it will still be like that