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Instead of tenontorex for this week? Poll! Lets get their attention!


@Jorge @J.C @Ned

Since we have been taxed of the unique could you guys please ask the devs if we could dart 2 other epics this week on the epic days such as ourano, trex or maisura? I feel it would help newcomers build current teams reasonably and will help take the bad taste out of everyones mouths. And if we lucky maybe 1 more legendary like dilourano?

What does everyone else think? Would this help with above issues. Since only 1 shot at an epic is inbalanced for newcomers who are still learning the ropes. We had the same chances too why cant they? And we never had a week of just 1 epic. Just a thought =)

Please can as many support this poll as it may get their attention if not at least we tried to be positive.

  • Yes please add ourano, maiasaura or some extra epic/legendary as a compromise for tenontorex.
  • No I really want tenontorex and I’m very dissapointed it has gone.
  • Not bothered either way

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Ourano and Maiasaura would fit in theme.


But ourano can lead to getting the unique dilora and do damage to the balance of the arena :thinking::sweat_smile:


The balance of the arena left a long time ago, let’s just throw more in the mix and see what happens :joy:


Lol yeah good idea!

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This wont get their attention.
Sadly, ludia doesnt always listen to their players.
They’ve still made a great game, and I still support them as long as they listen to us.
But hey, let’s not be greedy.

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I just thought that it would be a nice idea to help with the dissapointment of a unique

I havent cancelled vip because like yourself you take the rough with the smooth and we didnt always get these events so it really helps those who pay little or are free to play


If they would put 8 attempts on irritator I would be Happy


Maisaura literally means “good mother” having a week of dinos that protect their eggs and not including the defining dino is odd indeed. My 4 1/2 year old would have known to have her included.


They haven’t listened to us for months. They don’t even hear the mods.

I’ve stopped playing and canceled my VIP, I really think that’s the only way to get their attention.


same, cancelled VIP a month ago and stopped playing shortly after St. Patricks Event.

I don´t miss the game, open it occasionally, see only crap, directly close the game. Bye bye JWA


They changed schedyle for crazy event day…maybe they have easter before all others…


Maybe this is their plan of renewing the game, get rid of the veteran players to make it easier for newbs.


Maiasaura and Ourano plz :star_struck:


Would take ourano and miasaur as they are hadrasaurs after all. If players played fromt he start the grind was realy epic spawns was better but still a grind non the less




I miss the Epic tower taken from Thursday more.

I wasn’t planning on putting Tenontorex in my team. But it’s cool to dart uniques. Its not a huge deal either way making Ludias overreaction to a weak unique surprising.


Please please, please!!


Can’t promise anything, but it’s been seen.


This is good! Even if we dont get any extra at least we tried to balance things out