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Instead of tenontorex for this week? Poll! Lets get their attention!


Apparently people still tending to give a 2nd chance for a 2nd chance. As always I will sit by and watch what they will turn it into.


Well actually some things were given such as the golden chicken, lord lythronax, certain special events. I guess as a business they have to be selective


127 votes in less than 24 hours! Lets see if we can double it :smiley:


Give us lots of chances at rare tenoto on that day where unique pulled.
That way those grinding for the unique can get more of the hardest to get ingredient and any uniques gained will be “legit” rather than unbalancing


This is a good suggestion! Im not sure if they will change anything now though the mods have noticed the request and passed it on


Nope not interested in those. I want Tenentorex since that was shown… it could of even been 2 dart sessions or 3. The arena is already misbalanced mainly due to dracoceratops.

3 weeks I hunted draco gen 2 and tri gen 2. My DC is lvl 19 and I have 8000 dna of draco gen 2 and 30k tri gen 2. So 3 weeks to get lvl 20+ Dracoceratops and I’m hardly hunting it… I skip a few draco gen 2 because they’re so easy. I also don’t use mine still just making a point.

Tenentorex would of helped balance the arena imo. Like another said…increase the numbers of the rare tenento chances then. Because I’m pretty close to start fusing tenentorex but the rare shows up less than epics. So don’t tell me about ‘working hard’ xD


What a slap in the face to be teased with a unique event dinosaur and then have it taken away. Plus these treasure chases this week are BS, 100 DNA isn’t even how much you would get darting it in the wild. Coins would be an incentive to leave the house to get treasure chests but lately the game has just been “Meh”


Yeah i haved a number of rare scents to get tenont before he moved to parks and used ths tenontorex event to stock up too. Thos the unique attempt would of been nice


Maia is my last base/classic dinosaur to acquire before my collection is complete! I’d love for her to appear and was sad when she wasn’t shown for this week’s events.


This happened a couple of times now. I wish they would stop promising and then taking it back. Did they suddenly come to the conclusion that offering 1 shot at a unique would unbalance the game on Sunday?


So 95 have voted for extra epic attempts
53 voted for tenontorex comin back
21 votes for not bothered though i am sure they would appreciate something :smiley:

Have a good week everyone.


Thought that was just me haha not realy played much only for towers and walking to gym and back


Oh I still hunt (not as much as I used to because spawns are BS now) but the desire to play the game is getting less and less with every bug experienced and the imbalance of the arena.


Yh i am finding it hard to even complete the featured creatures i only realy hunt with scents and i don’t do that often and playing in car is not happening as gps won’t allow it i have started to not like the battle arena so much either so might take a break or see what 1.7 brings. How long you been playing?


I’ve been playing about a year now. I’ve had VIP since the beginning but I think I’m going to cancel it soon unless the new update brings some much needed changes to the game to make it fun again.


I played since late may bot had vip been tempted but completely f2p but found that vip doesn’t realy help you that much only the fact yoy may get slightly more dna


Every month I ask myself why I even have it because a little extra drone distance isn’t really that worth it. VIP members should definitely have more perks like in other games.


Yh thwn it would be more of an incentive to get every month but as it is alot are canceling due to some good reasons but others are bad like when we get a down week for dinos or stuff that doesn’t suit there needs


You get about 1/3 more DNA than non VIPs, which gives you the chance to make progess 1/3 faster than a normal player. If you became VIP for the green event, you are lightyears ahead. What else do you want for 10$/month? :wink:


I want my coin limits to be a little higher than non VIP and I want there to be a slight less of a chance to get a 10 when fusing. I mean I know we all do but I see that as fair.