Instructions to Report Players Cheating

What is the specific method for reporting possible Terms of service (Cheating Players) violators? I cannot find information how to report a player for cheating. If someone could provide that detailed info it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been asked multiple times by my alliance members & other group members on reporting specific players for TOS (cheating) violations.

Submit a ticket to Ludia, and provide some irrefutable evidence that those players have actually cheated or hacked the game when it could just be they payed quite a lot of money to quickly get where they’re at or they’ve chosen to be a dropper when they should actually be in Nublar Shores and thus have access to way more powerful dinosaurs than anyone else in whatever league you’ve faced them in?

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Exactly. You can’t really do that.

Now you made me curious what made you think they are cheating. Cheating is not easy, and I don’t even know what possible ways there would be to do so besides location spoofing.

I assume they made the secret and forbidden butt fuses to trick RNG and get some extra DNA…

If there were such a thing :wink:

I thought I could get some of the newer players on the edge with this… But now you spoiled it :joy:

Haha, my apologies :wink:

Can I report a user for disturbing me continuously using a DC? :rofl:

You can’t really tell if someone is cheating unless something exageratedly obvious.

Hey MaggieNOLA, please feel free to email our team here at with concerns you may have.


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Ni siquiera sabia que habían formas de hacer trampa

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I didn’t even know there were ways to cheat

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