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Indoraptor + spinatasuches it would be a uniqe dino but imagine the speed I’ll let ludia create the dizine of the dino but the road is the indoraptor

Indoraptor can’t get a hybrid as it is already a super hybrid.

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What about gen 2 it is a legendary not a uniqe

Gen 2 is still a super hybrid as it is made from a hybrid. That’s how the game works.

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Dude anything can happen

No it can’t, that’s not how Ludia have made it.

For example any Legendary made from a hybrid, like Tryo, or Stegodeus etc cannot get hybrids.


Do you work with ludia

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Ok I can see where this one is going. You go live in your little bubble, the rest of us that know how the game works will discuss more realistic suggestions.


Next he will ask if a gen1 and a gen2 can make a gen3 SUPER MEGA ULTRA Unique++ lol . :upside_down_face:

Actually, I guess anything is possible (evidence: see boosts) and can change in the future if you apply “Ludia Logic” to it.

tl;dr the short answer is no.


OK be rude and you like to crush peoples dreams so have fun with your life

There are still many creatures without hybrid and Ludia always introduce new creatures. There is no real chances that we get hybrids of super hybrids any time soon.

@Swagster I thought like you do at one point. I thought Stegodeus would get a hybrid because it was a legendary so I figured it would go unique at some point.

The way the game is, is 2 dinosaurs can make a hybrid (doesn’t matter if it’s a rare, epic, or legendary) then a hybrid can mix with another dinosaur, but not another hybrid. That is what is called a super hybrid.

So there are different variations to create these hybrids and super hybrids. Some get the long route to unique, some go to legendary, then some get unlucky and end as an epic.

Suchomimus + irritator = suchotator (hybrid)
Suchotator (hybrid) + marsupial lion = thylaco…whatever (super hybrid) that’s the end of the road for it, an epic.

Nodosaurus + apatosaurus = nodopatosaurus (hybrid)
Nodopatosaurus (hybrid) + stegosaurus = Stegodeus (super hybrid) end of the road, a legendary.

raptor + rex = indominus rex (hybrid)
Indominus rex + erlikosaurus = erlidomimus (super hybrid) end of the road, unique.

You can make these variations from all sorts of levels from all ingredients: common, rare, epic.

Commons can be minimum level 5, 10, 15, no higher than 20.
Rare can be minimum 10, 15, no higher than 20.
Epics have to be minimum level 15 to evolve but not higher than 20.
Legendary has to be minimum/max level 20.

Nothing can go higher than 20 because unique unlock at 21 and it’s components can’t be a higher level than it.

Hope this helps and makes sense. So this is why indoraptor gen 2 cannot have a hybrid to be a unique because it is a hybrid of a hybrid making it a super hybrid. It is how Ludia has designed the game and they have yet to break their own law out of the 184 creatures and dinos.


Sorry people has always crushed my dreams but it was a good idea at the time