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Intended behavior for "stolen" NY Stormfly ability?

I took the new NY Stormfly for a test drive on a quest with Sky Pirates. I activated the NY Stormfly ability just prior to a Sky Pirate activating its ability to steal affects for 4 turns. As a result, the Sky Pirate held the buffs for the four full turns, meaning that it was more beneficial to the attacker than the player. That seems pretty lopsided.

I don’t think this is an intended behavior. Can you confirm?


Predictable situation and I guess they just forget about steal ability when designing this dragon. And I guess they also forget there’s actually no gain defense buff, just take less damage buff , because they changed the description of the abilities of deathgrippers. So this gain 350% defense means take no damage, and I don’t think this is intended too. Why not just say 100% instead of a number as big as 350%?