Interactions not registering in weekly missions

Hi, I’m having a problem where my sanctuary interactions are not registering in the weekly missions. I’ll usually use the maximum of 4 interactions with 4 creatures in the sanctuary but the missions will only register half of them or sometimes none. A lot of the time it does work fine, but at least three or four times they haven’t worked, which is frustrating when I’m trying to upgrade the incubator and I have to wait another 6 hours at least for another incubator.

I’m sorry to hear that, Hueven. Would you mind emailing our support team at They’ll do their best to look into it. You can include your support key in your message. Thanks!

What are you talking about? There is no limit of how many interactions you can use in a sanctuary. The only limit is due to your inventory. If you manage your inventory properly, you can use 10 interactions per day. You obtain these 10 interactions from opening the free 6h incubators that give 2 interactions each. You need to open 3 6h incubators and watch the ad to get 2 more 6h incubators (3 x 2 + 2 x 2), of course since your inventory is limited to 8 interactions you need to pay attention when you open the 6h incubators.

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For some reason a lot of players don’t know they get dna from FIP’ing other peoples creatures and only FIP their own. I think Ludia should communicate this better.


Some also believe that playing with or feeding a creature in a sanctuary count as an interaction. That is not the case, only using interactions from your inventory count as interactions…


No, I mean that I will press the ‘interact’ option in the sanctuary, and it will not count towards the alliance missions. I am aware of everything the replies are saying, and I’m saying that the problem is not what all these people are lecturing me about.

If you interact and the tile is already finished it will not count towards the next rank until the whole defense missions have ranked up. Other than that it is a bug, try leaving the alliance and returning just to reset things up, if it doesn’t fix things then contact support.