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Interested in Joining the Top Guild - Arcane Knights?

Hi Everyone,

Arcane Knights (AK) has two openings right now for active team players interesting in enjoying this game as part of the top guild. If you’ve always wanted to personally thank Cruxader for a “good game” after he absolutely smashes you, ask Smithy why his heros only being level 20 make his team seem deceptively weak, or shame CPXZ for the numerous missteps he makes in PVP, then AK is the place to be!

But seriously, absolute dynamite crew we’ve got at AK and some of the best guild atmosphere in the game. Extremely high gifting activity, always end the season at the top of the leaderboards, always the very first guild to finish raids, and have a very active guild chat room to share tips and hang out. Come check us out, feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Given our current makeup, we’re probably going to have to limit new members to those with 3,000 trophies or more. Reply here or PM me if you’re interested. If we’re full when you check out our guild, don’t fret. Just PM me and I’ll let you know if a spot will open up soon or not or hold a place for you when the next spot opens.

Here are pics showing guild rankings and individual rankings with 6 of the top ten being AK members at the end of last season.

Happy Gaming All

Arcane Knights

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I subscribe to every single word written by CPXZ. I joined them almost a month ago, and I admit I was very frightened at the idea In the beginning. I thought to be the first guild it had to be a group all work no fun. Nothing could be more wrong! is a group where you find a hand to grow and improve, all combined with healthy fun and lots of math!