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Interesting (evil) idea for tournaments that allow uniques

An idea for a tournament that allows uniques to be used with all levels and boosts.

But… since we shouldn’t have a tournament where we use our everyday dinos in the same way and get rewarded for it, there has to be a twist.

True to evil genie style here is an idea to grant a wish and make the recipient unhappy with getting what they asked for (they did have their chance to be very clear and specific EG).

Terrain Effects:

Swamp: The ground is muddy and filled with large water-filled pot holes. This means all damaging priority moves will lose priority and “Charging type moves” will either not work or be diminished.
Thor can still instant charge but it won’t be instant anymore. Just regular speed 1X damage with a stun chance.
Swap in Ferocity/Strike/Headbutt will deal zero damage and the ones that stun will never stun.
Regenerate will still be priority and work just fine since it doesn’t deal any damage or require running toward your foe.

Fliers, Amphibians, Crocodiles, and Turtles are Immune to this terrain and suffer no changes.

Volcanic Eruption: Bits of rock, obsidian, and droplets of cooling lava are falling from a nearby volcano.
Any creature without 20% or higher armor will suffer 20% Max Hp Damage every round. This applies to immune creatures as well.

Flash Flood: An Aquatic battle. Every dino that is not an amphibian or flier suffers 1/3rd Max Hp Damage every round, even if they are immune.

Sandstorm: Pretty obvious terrain. All moves that affect the enemy have their hit chance reduced by 20%. No more guaranteed hits, RNG returns like an evil demon.
Fliers and Amphibians are hit with an extra 20% for a total of 40% miss chance.

Wouldn’t it be a better twist if it wasn’t a specific one for the whole tournament? Each battle one was randomly chosen?


Too complicated

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i like the idea of this.
Will definitely need a few trial runs.


Frozen Tundra. Ice everywhere with wind/snow/sleet blowing. Visibility is hindered and will cause randomized distraction. Ground dinos will suffer a 20% slowness while flying creatures suffer a 30% slow of their respecting speed. Crits are reduced by 5%.


Maybe Cenozoics are immune to the effect?

Seasonal terrains (Sept-Jan)
Sept: school area, all creatures are reduced to first level but boost are twice as effective
Oct: haunted house, all creatures have a 40% chance to swap (this does not apply to tarbosaurus,velociraptor,tanycolagreus,
Trex gen two, suchotator, keleken, indominus gen two, allosaurus gen two, erlikospx, and indoraptor)
Nov:Turkey hunting, all creatures are distracted by wild birds (November scent+phorosaura and dilocherius)(applies to immune creatures,)
Dec:green/white Christmas, (white) all dinosaurs will be vulnerable (doesn’t apply to winter scents),(green) all priority moves are non priority and all dinosaurs have one more delay to attacks(+2 for winter scent)
Jan:new years, all attacks are randomized


The only part I needed to see was “terrain effects” :rofl:

“school area, all creatures are reduced to first level but boost are twice as effective”
This sounds like a blast.

I’d love terrain effects. But it would have to be a seperate arena. As in, one non side effect arena, one side affect arena. Both impact trophies.

I love this we need you to update the game !

The main idea was it was just for certain tournaments where your normal Trophies are not affected.

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This could be cool - perhaps each fight the terrain was random but you got to choose your dinos? Or you could choose 8 for each type of terrain and then have them randomly selected?

This would be fantastic. I’d be up for this!