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Metricantho is pretty ok but theres no need for distraction resistance on counter attacking ferocity

Metriphicyon also pretty ok, but FI is an incredebly strong ability, i’d say remove the rend and distraction resistance and ur fine

Metriaphodon, 1 why isn’t it fused from metricantho and dimorph, i get that u want it to be unique but still. 2 it has far too much dmg and way too good resistances for a counter attacking bleeder, especialy for one with a rampage

Therizinosaurids usualy have more hp, but no distraction resistance so i guess thats a fair trade off with segno

I feel like it’s too strong is it the rampage, or the dmg idk, but i feel like it’s too much, also why isn’t it fused from posto and segno, if u realy want it to be a superhybrid to have a chance to be unique then at lest make it postimetro, why gorgo out of all things

Distraction immunity on top if a ferocious shatrring counter attakcer is too much

Why is it unique? Then again the distraction immunity and overall too good resistances would make this too strong in my opinion

Other then the armour i feel like it’s fine

The hp might be a lil high but again think it’s overall fine

I feel like the moveset kinda makes up for the low dmg so pretty ok

The hp might be a lil high but pretty good

I feel like the resilient impact is a lil much, with that dmg, heling and a rampage

The dmg is a bit much for a counter attacker but pretty ok

Again the dmg is kinda a lot for a counter attacker

And now onto the reworks

Not sure if i ever said this but indo needs a rework not a buff, this isn’t op but a lot of resistances(especialy rend), just feel like too much. Imo all of these easy to make uniques(grypo, thor, indo…) should be good at a few things to make them end game viable, but should have 1 or 2 weaknesses that are extremly exploitable(this should be true for basucly every creature, but i think it should be especialy true for these), easy to make uniques are obviosly very easy to lvl way higher then lets say somone with a maxima, so even at higher lvls they’d still be managable cause of that weakness. currently a great example of this is grypo it’s a great tank buster but distraction and nullification can exploit it realy badly. So indo imo should probalbly do well against fierce and posibly cunnings while being weak against resilient(i know a cunning fierce doing well against cunnings but still)

Overall fine, tho i’m afraid it would find it’s way into pvp, and be a lil too strong when u just kinda aren’t expecting it, but ye overall fine

I again think counter attackers with ferocity shouldn’t have that much dmg on top of distraction resistance but other then that pretty ok

I’d honestly like it if rinex remained a pure cunning or the only resilient thing bout it would be a decelerating strike, idk but thats just me. So idk i’d like to keep the RAR, cause RRAR is too much. but theres one major problem with this rework and it’s the 1600 dmg swap in. I honestly think it’d be cool if it had a swap in medium cunning attack (800 dmg, cunning abilitys), tho it’d be realy annoying against ferocity setups so maybe just swap in medium distracting attack

I didn’t make Metriaphodon a hybrid from dimorphodon and metricanthosaurus because 1. Yes I had wanted it to be a unique and 2. I had also wanted to make a hybrid for amphycion. I do think the attack is a bit much since it can further increase its attack, has an apc, and is a bleeder; the current meta has a shortage of good cunning’s, I feel like Metriaphodon would be good for this this. If I were to re create this I would change the attack to 1350 and remove its dot and vulnerability resistances.

I had already stated this in another draft that I picked gorgosuchus over postisuchus because of the fact that postisuchus’ DNA is already being used for postimetrodon and tryostronix. Gorgosuchus’ hybrid Megalosuchus isn’t great and it’s dna isn’t really going anywhere. Also, I make it a unique just because I wanted it to be and I didn’t use gorgosuchus for that reason either, I made it a unique because the version I had made ended up being to strong to be a legendary.

When it comes to Indoraptor I feel like the vast majority of people forget that it’s a CUNNING FIERCE and shouldn’t just be easy kills to resilience without putting up much of a fight. It does not have too much resistances, The rend resistance makes it so it’s not and easy kill to dracoceraptops swap ins and give it more of a fighting chance against grypho although it does pretty well already. The swap prevention though can be taken away although I really don’t think it should be. Overall, I think I’ve made what indoraptor should have been in the first place.

With Utarinex, it inherits nothing from dracorex and the RRAR would be a nice way to implement some aspect of dracorex and was the only thing I really wanted to change other than giving it a single resistance to crit reduction. I do agree with the swap in stunning strike being a bit much. I was actually going to go with a swap in head butt so it would 1. do 800 damage instead of 1600 and 2. Make sense since it has dracorex DNA which has a hard head used for head butting. I really don’t know why Utarinex doesn’t have a swap in move judging by the fact that 2 of the 3 creatures that came before it have swap in moves.

Though, thank you for your feedback and everything I hadn’t mentioned I agree with.

i dont agree with indo, utarinex, megalo, and I am unsure of dilora, ichthyostega needs an attack nerf and if you want counter, and just an attack nerf in general, same with rajastega, not gonna get into ankylodocurus, not much to say on tyrannodominus, carboboa seems good but maybe like 1000 to 1200, not sure on proceratho hybrid, dont know about zalmoxes except NOT apr, zalmonodon doesnt need RR or counter with 1400 attack, Rexy needs 4500 attack or even a bit more, 30% crit and NO counter

I don’t think icthyostega needs an attack nerf, a minor one at most and will say the same for Rajastega. Why don’t you agree with the reworks? I think they make more sense when looking at the creatures that came before them and are overall better especially when it comes to Megalosuchus. Geminititan and Tryko are both definitely better than ankylodocus and there wasn’t really a way to make ankylodocus really good compared Geminititan when ankytrosaurus was the best thing I could add to diplodocus. If you want make your own version of Ankylodocus be my guest. I was also reluctant to give it DSA since that would make it too similar to geminititan at least imo. Carboboa has 2 rampages and an on escape devastation, I don’t think it needs much more attack though 1000-1200 is good. I guess Zalmoxes doesn’t need APR and could take a rampage and run or something. Originally Zalmonodon didn’t have resilient rampage and instead had APR and resilient impact for API but changed it because it’s moves were too similar to zalmoxes. Now that the APR is replaced Zalmonodon could be what I originally planned it to be. 4500 ATTACK!? I’m going to assume you mean health and If anything, I think my Rexy needs a nerf because of the counter and vulnerability and the fact it’s still a legendary. If every single dog, plus tarbosaurus has a 40%, I think Rexy who made to be a glorified T. rex can have it as well.

Why is rajastega a unique it should be a legendary only super hybrids can be unique

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Rixis,thyla,nodopatotitan,gigaspika are superhybrids that is not a unique

Only superhybrids can be unique, but not all superhybrids are unique.

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Im just pointing that out

That was a mistake and I’m just realizing it

These are some other reworks I think should be implemented in the game.

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Giving instant ferocious impact to antarctovenator is way too op. It should be something like revenge instant ferocious defence instead and on the revenge the shield could act like long invincibility.

Giving it like a revenge ferocious defence would actually be quite good. Combining antarctopeltas revenge instant ferocity and taunting shields into one move is actually a good idea and would make more sense than it doing damage.

Maybe the speed decrease resistance should be 50% to make it easier to counter with teno rex and tryko but other than that it’s pretty balanced. Or give it reduced damage strike making it unable to cleanse bleed.