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Interesting opponent

Seen at 4,6K TRs. How is this an actual thing ?

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Yeah I’m at the same trophies and it’s really annoying, just have to take the loss. I’ve had to fight high level boosted mortems and lux’s. I honestly just close the game down and wait for the match to end.

Worst is that he didn’t pull it out immediatly, he waited for me to take down his Gemini before doing it. Like if he tried to give false hopes.

Also, the emote spam from him didn’t help

I had a 27 mortem at that trophy level. Now I’m in library. But I never pulled out mortem first. Had nothing to do with false hope. Mortem dies easily, so it should go out last.


He may die fast, but remember he’s 6 levels ans several boosts up, so i’m sure he would live at least long enough to Kill 2.
But tanky or not, he’s still a good person

Yesterday I fought an Apex for the first time and it wasn’t very cool. Aviary is becoming much more chaos than it was before. I had about 4700-4800 trophies when I found this monster.

If Hadros Lux level 26 without boosts gave me trouble, imagine finding a level 28 Mortem.

i use a boosted Lux in aviary. it’s been a big help dealing with the lv 27+ boosted teams i’ve been fighting forever. my team ranges from 24-26 with nothing else boosted atm. I also don’t pull mine out right away. usually 2nd or 3rd, but sometimes never depending on the fight.


Aviary? Mortem? Hadros?

With carry strat involving L10 ML and L15 Irritator soon many will see Mortem, Hadros, and Magnus in Marshes and Lockdown.

Good luck. :joy:

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I knew about irrit, but what about ML ? Never Seen that one. Mind telling the comp ?

I had 2 encounters with the Mortem Rex in the Aviary, one I took out with my Magna, and the other I eliminated with my Thoradolosaur since he didn’t have it boosted in speed.

Done many times with success

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Very interesting, i’ll try it whenever i Can (iirc i got a few lv30 teams in my clan)

Mortem is pretty weak it’s just a boost cow like thordor but anything faster shuts it down cuz it doesn’t even have the instant charge thor does. If that thing gives you trouble ur gonna have a nightmare when the real apexes come like lvl 28 hadros and cera