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Interesting opponents in tourneys

I’ve always been a big fan of tourneys, since it’s a rare opportunity to fight opponents that you usually won’t meet. I’ve dug through a lot of old photos, and found some interesting opponents that I met before. Feel free to share your experience down below as well!

The time I beat the tourney expert(very old photo, was before arena bonus existed)

The time I fought… myself???

The king and number one in the world!

The Immune Master himself!

Another top tier, though I lost to him. Was a good game nonetheless


Well done on beating the majority of them. Though you did forget the speedtie master :sweat_smile:


You’re not the only guy who beats the king :sunglasses:


Nice one! I won by outsmarting him, using MF when he was going for a big hit. The MF boosted DSR was enough to finish off his moth, but his big hit wasn’t able to kill my fresh moth. Won, and I was very surprised when I saw the name:

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Enjoy the :triangular_flag_on_post: