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Interesting PvP match

I was doing a daily mission which required you to have 3 different types of cenozoics, and then came across this. No, no, not the creatures I’m facing. Focus on my opponent’s profile picture. That looks very similar to @Lora_Green’s pfp…

This basically confirms the fact that your pvp opponent are just bots with random pfp from other players. Whether or not this confirms @gabochido’s idea of asynchronous PvP remains unknown…


That is very strange.

That’s not it, once I found someone with MY pfp just above me in a tournament.


That’s what a lawyer would call identity theft.


I wonder if we all have played PvPs with opponents having the same profile pictures of any of us in this forum… :thinking:

You’ve clearly never faced yourself in a pvp match…


I don’t think it is uncommon for games like this to populate fake PvP with actual users account pics ect…

A game I used to help my kids with had a fake pvp arena and i would routinely fight against one of my other kids profiles. It would even have exact things from their roster in their team.

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Do you guys want real PvP? Because we can’t all be winners. Someone has to loose.

With bot PvP, we all can win most of the time.

Same for tournaments. Want to win all of the time or play humans?


I agree fully with @Timmah, real PvP would reduce the winning streak by a lot of numbers. I would prefer the current “PvP”, but it would be good if like Jurassic Park Builder, we could send daily gifts to our friends or something xD

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Win rate>Lose rate

Ive actually faced the same person in my PvP and tournament matchups…and its always been the same…either Ludia keeps giving me the same bots or I keep facing up against her.