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Interesting team


Faced this person earlier.

That’s a lot of chompers and Raptors.

What are some interesting teams you all have seen?


I guess “Thor”, indominus, “Rocket”, Charlie, Delta, Tarbosaurus, “Allosino” and “Alita” isn’t that much of a soso team; it looks great


They gave me a good fight, thankfully I had my Anky and Stegod on my team against their raptors.


Well, I always use TraGod as a counter rather than Akinfenwa


This one’s fun for friendlies! If they were all level 20 then I’d take 'em to the arena, too!

Ah… Picture upload’s not working :confused:

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It does that sometimes. :frowning:


I fought this guy last night. Level 28 Delta.