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Interface improvement (QoL) No talk about dino allowed

OK, everytime somebody start a "what do you want in the next X.X version, the whole thread become a nerf/buff this dino, make a hybrid, give me Mortem, etc. So, I want this one to be only about improving the interface (no talk about dino allowed)… I’ll start with two, and I then, will try to bring back your suggestion to this first post, so they are all in the same place:

Raid: Please, show up who’s online on top of the list when we start a raid. (I would say, just show those who are online, but I’ve seen case where the player was saying he was online on Discord, not showing online in game, yet when invited, came in… so “Online players on top of the list” it is…

Shop: If possible, ask “Are you sure?” before buying for any items costing more than 100HC (green currency). It’s fine for anything cheap as it is, but there’s been many claim about buying a 5000HC incubator by accident… The 100HC limit is a suggestion. Would truly be nice if it could be an option in the setting (so could be set to 0 or any other value suitable, so setting it to 10000HC would basically remove the safety and you would never be asked no matter what you’re buying)

From another thread It’s a bug, but until fix, truly QoL After effect, not showing real stats:

I would add to the last one: It’s already hard sometime to find 4 players to do a raid… Having to ask a fifth player to start the raid for the 4 players because none have the raid close by, is stupid… There should simply be more Bosses running arounds. (wish it was a simple button and you could start a raid anytime, but kind of love seeing the big bosses walking around too…)

Bit of a QoL since many players have complained about this: The gifts boxes (August 17 to 23rd) were absolutely awesome, but giving 10 Interacts when the maximum we can have is 8 (not adding up like when we bought your previous incubators) was sad for many… Would have been nice if those 10 Interacts, as well as Feed and Play, would have been added to our current ones too but hey, can’t have everthing I guess… But just for the eyes, I guess 10-8-10 would have been a better solution, or why not, 12-8-12?

Being able to place a dino in a sanctuary even if it’s in our tournament team. C’mon, you’re throwing rare and epic tournament left right and center, and too often, the dino we would like to place in a sanctuary is being used in the tourney. To take it out, you have to exit the sanctuary (a few steps) enter the tournament (more steps), hit modify, replace the dino you want, hit done, exit, go back to the sanctuary, find the slot that was open, and 10 minutes later, voilà, you can finally place your dino. I know the idea behind this (not wanting a dino in two places at once), but worst case can you just pop a question: "You dino is in the tournament team. Would you like to take it out and place it in the sanctuary instead? YES or NO.

This one is basically asking to show the zone we’re in… Nice QoL as far as I’m concerned. We know relatively quickly by looking at the dinos around us, but hey, a few line of codes would not hurt I guess.

@Ned (Normally would not tag, but I think some of these QoL could be brought to the next meeting at Ludia…)


I rather like these changes, especially that raid one. It’s just so hecking annoying to have to scroll and scroll and scroll to see who’s online.


Absolutely… Having those online on top of the list cannot be that hard to code! My friend list is about a mile long! If they only fix one thing in next update, it has to be that one!

Thank you for sharing this with us! I’ll be sure to relay the suggestions back to our team. :smiley: