Internal tournaments or between alliances

There will be the possibility that tournaments can be organized between the same players of an alliance where they can use their dinosaurs at the level they have with their respective increases and not only with friendly battles, or that a tournament between alliances can be organized outside of the battles of PVP or weekend tournaments??? I think it would be good to get out of the monotony, tournaments like this have been organized in my alliance and they are good, more I think it could be better if they let you use your dinos at the level you have them and not all at 26, since that way they would learn to use them and therefore they would improve in their use in PVP.

Habrá la posibilidad de que se puedan organizar torneos entre los mismos jugadores de una alianza donde puedan utilizar sus dinosaurios al nivel que tengan con sus respectivos aumentos y no solo con batallas amistosas, o que se pueda organizar un torneo entre alianzas fuera de las batallas de PVP o de los torneos de fin de semana??? creo que sería bueno para salir de la monotonía, en mi alianza se han organizado torneos así y son buenos, más creo podría ser mejor si te dejaran usar tus dinos al nivel que los tengas y no todos al 26, ya que así aprenderían a usarlos y por ende mejorarían en su uso en PVP.

What you are describing is an advantage tournament, which there are at least 2 of a month. Expanding that further would only increase the ptw issue and solely benefit longer-term players who have more creatures at high levels.

In terms pf your assertion that such events aid a players pvp, quite the opposite is true. It is the (fairer) skill tournament setting which facilitates such learning, as yiu can use a dino youve unlocked but havent managed to evolve up to team level.

Personally I really hate skill tournaments as everybody is running the same team and way too often speedies are the deciding factor.

But understand that they are prefered by low level players. So think the current 50/50 split is fair.

But would appreciate a rotation of the prices. While advantage tournaments typically give useless DNA, most of the good prices (coins, boosts) are with „skill“ tournament.

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‘Low level’ is a simplification. There are plenty of library (myself included) and aviary players who either due to being ftp or having played over a smaller time period just havent had the resources to level up lower rarity dinos who’s only purpose would be the tournaments.
I still hold my own in advantage, arguably overperform if anything, but i excel in skill.

Low level is not a simplification. It describes players who do not posses the DNA coins and resources gained over time. Does not matter if they are FTP or not. A FTP from the beginning will have more the a new player spending. Just as a paying player from the beginning will have more then a new paying player. The game should adapt to players who have been playing since the beginning not new players who complain they need everything right away.