International Apex Squad search new aktive Members

International Apex Squad search new aktive Members

Dear Ludia Community,

the International Apex Squad is looking for new active players to further strengthen our team :muscle:

We offer you:

-Shared Sanctuary Level 20

-Raid Bosses the Night before
-Strats and Player for all Bosses
-Attractive Tournament rewards
-Funny and very helpful Team
-All donate DNA
-often maximum weekly rewards
-Discord multiple Channels
-Active and creative management Team

You should bring that with you:

-Communicative (Discord) and active player
-Player Level 20 and a good Team
-English speaking
-10 Kills at the Tournament are a prerequisite
-Ambition and have fun playing

If we have piqued your interest, you are very welcome to contact me HERE or in DISCORD (pinkesocke # 2750).

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You have my interest but I am not lvl 20. I am lvl 17.

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can you maybe send me a picture of your team?

Sure. Almost in aviary though.


Me and a guy from our current clan are looking for a new clan because our current clan is not active at all. This is my team and the other guy is having a similar kind of team. We play this game daily and always compete in tournaments and donate dna.

Bump still seeking more active members!

If we have piqued your interest, you can contact me here or in the Discord (pinkesocke # 2750).

I’m a level 29 in need of a new alliance that is very active.

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Level 20. Sorry. Stupid autocorrect

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The International Apex Squad has another vacancy in our alliance

We have a free space in our alliance, and we look forward to new active players

Hello everyone, we have 1 space available that we would like to occupy again, so get in touch :+1:

We’re looking for a couple of people that fit the description above. Don’t hesitate to join us

We have one open spot

don’t lose any time and join our alliance, we are looking for 3 active players :+1:

We have 3 free spots, come and grab them :+1:

(post deleted by author)