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International dinos -- 10/8 weekly, -- 2 lv 20 sanctuaries

Looking for a new alliance?
Well international dinos is currently recruiting!
we hit 10/8 on the alliance missions,
have 2 lv 20 sancs which we vote on to see what creatures go in them,
discord required for communication!
Dm me if you are interested in joining: Sparkrazor#2362
or join our server:

I would like to join. My player name is DinoMaster and Id is 7195. I am lvl 10 with 1600 trophies.

Would i be able to join? I’m in a high level group with my primary account. But I have a second account that is all legendary creatures. Lvl 20, play lots every day, trophies at 5125. I understand what it takes to play at a high level. I started account 6 months ago just goofing around. But id like to get into a solid team.

Sounds intresting! My jwa name is MIGGY#3598.

we currently have 2 openings, we hit rank 8/9 in championships, and also are hitting 10/9 on occasion now, reach out to me on discord if you are interested. InternationalDinos

Can I join