Internet and jwa

I have 2 internet connections in my house. I have totalplay and axtel. Both used to work great for jwa until last patch. Now totalplay cant make it passed 9 of 27 and axtel has no problem. What happens at 9 of 27 and is there anything i can do to resolve this issue?

Hey Dbustos, your other internet connection may be blocking the game from loading. It might help if you try forgetting the WiFi network on your device, and then reconnecting to it.

@Ned thanks for your help. I tried your idea on my router and this did not work. I also tried this idea on the wireless range extender which is connected to that same router and this did work. But it only works 1 time. The next time i try to connect i get stuck at 9 of 27.

This internet service provider worked great until last patch. Is there a plan to fix this or is my fix to get a new service provider?


Hey Dbustos, if you reach out to our support team here at, they might be able to provide some further troubleshooting steps to help you fix this issue.