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'Internet connection' excuses

Every time I see that Ludia has answered a question it’s always poor connection on our end.
There is nothing wrong with my fiber broadband can you please accept that there are glitches that need fixing and bugs that need addressing! Not everyone has poor connection, I don’t and I’m having to deal with so many issues. Sort it out


Exactly. That’s their crutch, everything is our poor connection

When troubleshooting you start with the most probable answer then go from there. If poor internet connection can explain 80% of these issues then of course they are going to try to rule that out first. When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras.


Never have issues with other GPS games - ingress & pogo, using same phone, same SIM, in same places. I would suggest slippy coding of connection logic (hint: when developing mobile apps test them using SIMs not just Wi-Fi, a small Faraday cage in the office is easy to build and great way to check your app recovers from intermittent signal loss such as real world journeys through tunnels).
Full disclosure, several years ago I worked on (windows mobile) phone app for business use (not gaming), this was used in logistics industry and linked to back end systems, continual restarts unacceptable for business critical use: Ensuring app coped well with intermittent connectivity was a key part of the development work & surprisingly non trivial to get right…App now replaced by android version, as windows phone never really took off, but android app was developed by some of my co- workers so not sure his difficult the connection management us on android, but I know they got the app to behave

Get a new broadband if you are facing issues with the existing one. Always ask the users of the broadband about the speed and connection issues. You can search for good broadband and high-speed internet from the hp customer service list.

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Someday…player says: Ludia, your incubators have crap dinos, your epic spawns have reduced significantly and took away the strike even drops in my neighboorhood. Ludias reply: it’s your bad internet connection.

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Getting a bit sick & tired of internet drop outs all the time and no its not my connection its the blasted and even worse it happens right in the middle of battles in PVP LUDIA this problem needs to be fixed now please not next month or next year NOW… it is getting very annoying so much in fact a lot of players are thinking of giving up on doing battles completely because they too are sick & tired of the game dropping out through GP ( global positioning link ) constantly failing all the time… end of story !

I concur with this sentiment. They definitely can improve their own servers. Sometimes when I experience dodgy signal or connection issues in JWA, I immediately open up COC and PokeGo and they seem to work perfectly well, so I know that there is room for improvement.


What gets me is I get the “You’ve been disconnected screen” and behind under it, I am moving and seeing dinos pop up. The problem is for google accounts, you are routed through google play so I can get disconnected from google play but not JWA or the other way around, disconnected from JWA but not google play. So I’m connected to both. If either drops, I get a disconnect screen. It’s not my signal.

I had dial up internet back from 1997 to 2003 and that was more reliable than this game. This game is worse than dial up internet. For mine and my wife’s phone, the GPS is horrible for the hang-ups. Our I-pads don’t seem to hang up like the phones but wander and jump around all over the place. I’d use the I-pad but I can’t access my google account on that but I can access my fakebook account on my phone.