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Internet instability in game

Bug Description: During the game I am getting messages saying: “Attempt to connect to chat server failed.” It seems like game is trying to connect in background to chat, which it shouldn’t… When I am spining or darting I don’t care what happens in chat. I care what happens in chat ONLY when I am in chat and nowhere else. You should try to limit unnecessary internet connections… My internet on phone is great (I have no problem playing other games like HPWU), but this game has serious problems… If you need to connect so much, then you need to setup local servers… Sometimes game comes back online, but in most cases I have to Force stop JWA and start it again… When I am playing from home (Wifi), the same things happen and I have no problem with home internet…

Area is was found in: Game

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Play the game

How often does it happen: Few times every day.

What type of device are you using: OnePlus 5T

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) -

The game needs a very stable constant connection, unlike other games. It’s most likely your phone or router or something having packet loss. Ludias servers have a rather high uptime actually.

I’ve gotten connection issue even when I wasnt on wifi

This is a bug. I get it on wifi or on 4g and have seen it on multiple devices.

There are lots of bugs that have been there for a long time. Shame that we also get new features “bugs” rather than the existing ones being sorted in a timely manner.

I’m sorry to hear about the connection problems, @Andy_Rozman. Our support team would be glad to have a closer look at this and provide additional troubleshooting. Please contact them at and include relevant screenshots, your device information, and your support key to help them with the investigation. Thank you.

This happens every day, even when my WiFi is running fine. :confused: it even says that when I’m not on WiFi

You’re lucky if it’s a few times a day…

This is was my issue yesterday. It was almost as if the game knew I was complaining about it on the forum and decided not to show me a friends list.

Stuff like this happens all the time. You can play a battle (PVP) and it will then not work the next time you try, timer counts down to 0, pops up the Battle AI option but you can’t press anything on screen so have to force quit the app.

It’s the worst app I’ve ever played on a smartphone (from original Windows devices years ago, through to IOS and Android) for disconnects and bugs. Somehow I still keep coming back to it every day!

Are you still getting this issue?

I didn’t have any drop outs or problems yesterday on a wifi connection in my office. I could minimise the game or even close it and come back and it was fine.

When I got home I noticed issues again.

I checked my router and saw that IP v6 was enabled. I switched that off and it has been fine since!

I wish I’d done that in the past as it’s been a nightmare - but just with this game and absolutely nothing else.

I’m on iOS but maybe that will help your issue too?

This has been a frustrating problem, I defiantly agree with that. Especially when it is happening in tournaments. I’ve reached out to Ludia on numerous occasions about this issue and the only response I’ve received back was pretty passive and not specific about an intentional to actually do something about it. Sadly though for anyone who’s played the game since inception, I think most would agree that this has been pretty much a norm and have learned to live with this level of support. I play on a 5G WiFi network.