Interval between seasonal events?

A recent comment was regarding the next update will bring a new seasonal event. Will we be able to have some free days between those events, to be able to do things like upgrading the training arena, without losing several tasks in the meantime?

Since I need to do a daily exploration in order to complete Gobber’s duties, I have already given up with the idea of leveling up Toothless xD

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Depending of the duration of the training, you can use a very short exploration for the task first and then send it to train, if he can return before the end of next day, you doesn’t loses these tasks.

I know, that’s the problem: it’s lvl 146 and takes 2d17h to complete it. Even if I start at 6:01 right after the duties reset, I would lose the next days exploration. I think a nice way to avoid this would be to have one more task (13 instead of 12,for example) but completing the envelope task still would need 12 duties. I’m pretty sure ppl would chase to complete all of them which would translate into more hour of players using the app,and if they didn’t, they still would work on the minimum of 12 not to lose the big daily prize :slight_smile:

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