Interview with Ludia

GamePress got the opportunity to submit questions to Ludia and these are the responses :slight_smile:


Thanks for doing this but I feel like what they say and what they have done don’t match.

Creatures remain unbalanced for way to long. They have stats and tons of feedback from people but do nothing.


thanks for this. some of this feels worded to what we want to hear imo.

i’m kinda interested on hearing what their ideal usage rate is for each rarity.

and as for taking boosts into consideration for balancing, i would suggest they take a page from the top players for that one. yeah there may be different boost builds for counters that beat said creature 100% of the time, but that makes them less viable for the rest of the meta. they may want to look at what the majority of the players are going to be running for boost builds during balancing.

oh and do some different level match ups as well when balancing. what may work at equal levels, may not work as expected with a 1-2 level difference.


Kinda disappointed there wasn’t anything about them fixing the mountains of bugs, but instead wanting to push out more and more new content (that just fuels the bugs) :confused:


That’s because they care more about money than the player base, they are greedy, plain and simple

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So what is interesting for me

  1. The 4 other hybrids from the old poll seem to be coming
  2. It’s nice that they’re gonna balance the old creatures as well something that is really needed