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Interview with the JWA Devs

Hey everyone! GamePress had the privilege to be able to interview some of the Devs at Ludia and get their thoughts on the game. This is what they had to say! This was conducted prior to patch 1.9 so some of the stuff has already been implemented, but it still has some cool info in it!


Nice. This is really cool. I gotta be honest, I was kinda wondering if the Devs would mention Stgydaryx :joy:


nice to see that they are actively looking to improve the alliance tools and how they’re changing matchmaking.


I know how you love your Daryx! haha

Maybe we can ask about the birds in general next time. We plan on doing more of this interviews and are hoping to get more community input on the questions we ask :grin:


This was nice too see… at least some of the things to make the game better are being heard and worked on!

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It’s quite funny they didn’t say anything about the rat, even though it was mentioned in the question!!!


if they said they were changing it, no one would buy boosts for it anymore.

I mean that would be awesome. I kinda meant it as a joke but that would still be cool. Hopefully something will happend next patch though

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I know it is said that the interview was done before 1.9. But really there isn’t anything we don’t know right now. Everything was already revealed in 1.9 and this article doesn’t give any new insights which is quite unfortunate. I appreciate your hard work though. Hope to see more interactions from Devs.

All the bugs should have been brought up

The questions for this interview were sent prior to 1.9 so we weren’t able to address any of those questions or issues. But it’s something we will definitely look at for next time!

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I really hate to ruin the party but this isn’t a very promising interview. It seems like they’re just telling us what we want to hear and dodging all the serious concerns.

Or more like they’re telling us what we’ve heard already. The one thing they seem to have kind of explained is that the costs for boosts will be the same for all tiers.

The equal cost per tier was part of the announcement.

Reading through this, it looks like a lot of their responses were copied verbatim between the interview and the forum announcement, with respect to boosts.

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They changed a line actually. The original did not say cost but distribution.

As of last week it said cost.

I remember because I quoted it and highlighted the phrase.

This interview is a nice step but it shows a few things we already knew

a) Ludia are control freaks when it comes to info about their game… this interview was done pre 1.9 and they made gamepress wait this long before they could publish it.

B) they are very slow developing fixes.

All that said it was nice to here more from Ludia… a Ludia dev admitting alliance are still really barebones and stating that its backend stuff thats preventing them currently from adding more to them.

Them coming out and stating the backend server stuff is a road block for them is another big issue. Many of us speculated that due to the fact this game switched engines halfway into Development, Ludia didnt have the time to program a proper back end into the game. If you look back to event dinos and how Ludia used to have to preload them into the apk during patches and now today where they can make changes to events without a patch. Along with them stating backend stuff is the reason for the lack of alliance tools.

This kind of information atleast gives us a why especially when it comes to bugs…their devs are still suffering from a pre launch engine switch devolping new content while also working on back end stuff that should have been ready before the game even launched. Those of us who guesses it was back end issues that had us collecting sino dna every week for 6 months were most likely right.

Hopefully this continues if know the why… the what becomes way more easier to digest.