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Introduce Scorpius rex to game

Watched Camp cretacious scorpius rex seems to be a mix of i do and carno i see as another unique or lege dary in game.

If you really watched CC you should know that Scorpius came BEFORE Indominus. Most of its components are still a mystery, we can safely say that it has T-Rex, Velociraptor and Scorpionfish, but it surely has something else which hasn’t been revealed yet.


What would he be? Legendary? He’s a less advanced version of the indoraptor according to the show.

well yes, its Wu’s first official “hybrid” and so i’d assume its best fit as a legendary, can’t really determined what it can be fused from since information is too limited, and so as I and some have suggested, it can just be implemented as a non-fusable legendary and or introduced through raids

On this site he explains what scorpius rex is made of