Introduce trophies/medals for special events to remember them

hello everyone, I was thinking that it might be nice to introduce trophies into the game (or call them whatever you want). As if they were medals that are received by completing an event or a special challenge, such as yesterday’s April fools with goats. A sort of personal trophy room where you can view the history of all the trophies obtainable and those obtained by the player.
It would be interesting to implement this thing, especially to remember these nice periodic events and say “what a cool one, I had beaten him”.
it is only one aspect of collecting and personal goals.

what do you think about it?

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we already have achievements but a date standing onder it would be cool.

yes, but that is only a list of 31 generic objectives such as “collect 5000 epic DNA” … they are not personal at all and are only for those who start playing … they are not trophies / medals for beating a monster huge like yesterday’s goats. I speak of a heirloom like a cup or a figurine, in this case in the shape of a goat, which makes you remember the specific event and makes you feel proud to have done so.

I hope I explained myself

you did,
now I do aggree

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A goat would have been nice to have.