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Introduced this pretty boy to my deck today


The sino “family” are my favourite in game, their design looks kick-butt and they’re fun to play. Anyone else have favourites?


Congratulations! Utahsinoraptor is a beautiful Dinosaur. My personally favorites would have to be, Postimetrodon, Trystonix, Stegodeus, Utahsinoraptor and Magnapyritator and Diorajasaur. I don’t have the last two but I will one day. ^-^ I forgot to add Suchotator as one of my favorites.

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From design-wise, I absolutely love Utasinoraptor! She looks gorgeus!
Kit-wise I am not so sold, but it’s definitely a good dinosaur to have.

Thoradolosaurus is the opposite. Adore the kit, but the design… Not so phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong, it looks decent, but not my cup of tea.

Outside of the obvious answer of “Indominus rex” I really love Alankylosaurus’ design and kit. Diorajasaurus is up there as well, along with Magnapyrritor.

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Congrats! Utasino not only has a phenomenal design but also an amazing moveset, making it one of the best legendaries in the game at the moment. Those high leveled Utasino can be a massive pain to face. It can even beat its hybrid, Utarinex!!

I used my Utasino (level 20) until 4900 trophies or so and miss using it now, but might overlevel it in the future and bring it back on the team. Distracting impact + Crit impact + IC is such a nice cyclic combo that wrecks most dinos, even tanks.


congrats! i love this dino. DI, CI, IC. repeat lol

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Raptors are my faves. Funny you just got that guy, that’s my absolute favourite dinosaur in the entire game (thus far)!


Agreed, my favourite by a long way. Mine is L21 and it can often dispatch two dinos if I use her first. Decided to level her up in favour of creating the unique. Some people were complaining that her hybrid Utarinex was OP, but given the effort you need to put in to create her, I say fair enough to the extra power! I can’t be bothered tho, so will stick with this beauty.


Congrats to adding the queen to the team :smile: Definitely my favorite dino, and I absolutely love the sino hybrids. Currently running all three on the team :heart_eyes:

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Then when you get two of them battling the noise they create is something.


Three? There are only two sino hybrids. Four including the super-hybrids


Apologies, the whole sino family minus allosino :sweat_smile: