Introducing AR Features in Jurassic World ALIVE


Hello fellow DNA Collectors,
I read nearly everyday great suggestions in this forum, for example clans, battling friends and adding new species. I love this game for how detailed they animated the dinos and the complex battle system.
All great but I‘m quite worried about the AR feature that only seems a nice gimmick now.
I read on different web articles about Jurassic World Alive that the game is not intriguing and it doesn‘t really deserve the „Alive“ in the name.
Yes the game should have an AR feature that makes it stand above other AR games with the same game mechanic, of walking in the real world and gathering monsters. You now which AR games I mean, no need to speel out of the games.
Ok what I was thinking is a pet system in Jurassic world alive, where you „interact“ with the dinos. Yes maybe like Owen Grady did in Jurassic World with his 3 Velociraptors. I also play Jirassic World The Game(Park Builder also from Ludia) where you activate at a certain Level the 3 Velociraptor‘s and use resources to level them up in sma animations where each of the three give supporting cards, that can be used in batttles buffing temporarly your team.
So why not implement an AR feature where you raise a Velorciraptor, feeding petting and „playing“ with it so it gives temporarly buffs in battles or even can support your dinos in a battle attacking the opponent. Imagine your raised Velociraptor, who joins the fight in a short combo to defeat a strong hybrid. It would be like in the Jurassic World movie where the Rex and Blue comboed the Indominus Rex.
What do you think my fellow Jurassic Fans?
I know its a feature that won‘t be added that fast but I hope some suggestions make it through, so this game can live a hype, like the first Monster Collecting AR Game that started it all. I‘m sure Jurassic World Alive has a massive potential!