So after a whole day fusing and an awesome alliance to help out (UK DPG) I bring you this beast :sunglasses::grin:


Looks like the purrasaurus gen 2 big brother!

It’s a shame it’s so lackluster.


Would of looked more badass if it kept the Purrolyth look. :frowning:
I’m not that impressed.


Yeah. Or they could make it have the Kaprosuchus stance, since it should be more quadrapedal, cause double crocodile.

But as it is, it is literally just a Pinocchio Gryposuchus.


I dunno guys … between its base attack and counter, it hits at 1500+ (armor piercing and unbuffed) … and thats at a level 21. Not too shabby


Grats bud, I just unlocked it this morning as well.

Used it in todays strike tower, but I won’t be putting it on my team anytime soon.

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I created it but have not had a real chance to try it out. Battling at 4300 I am running into a lot of the ‘going for 4500’ folks and they are several levels over my team. It has been pretty dismal trying to get an incubator tonight.

Same , I tried her but not good enough for the top arena at this level, maybe with an aquatic update she’ll be ace

A grypolyth le falta un buff, tiene muchos puntos blandos para comenzar, su daño pasivo bajo su contra ataque de 25% y su daño de 1000 en nivel 26 es realmente bajo si contamos que sus ataques son de x1 nos da un dinosaurio que no esta a nivel de daño de otros dinosaurios unicos, su contra ataque es bajo y no compensa su daño estadistico, es un dinosaurio lento de poca vida para su velocidad, su armadura no compensa lo anterior y no hereda el golpe critico como para compensar sus carencias, sinceramente es un buen dinosaurio hecho sin amor