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Introducing: Heroic Adventures [Dec 17th & 18th]

Introducing: :crossed_swords:Heroic Adventures :crossed_swords:

Heroic Adventures are special events that combine Challenge Events and Tests of Might in a single grand adventure with multiple steps and a grand prize at the end.

You can find active Heroic Adventures in the Special tab in the Events menu. Starting December 17, 2019

For example, a Heroic Adventure can be structured as follows:

  • Stage 1 - a Triple-XP event at Harvestshield Mountain that requires Halbenet to play
  • Stage 2 - a Test of Might that requires 10 victories to complete
  • Stage 3 - another Test of Might that requires 20 victories, but ends with a grand prize of gold
  • Stage 4 - a gold event at Sharpstone Keep

You must complete each stage of the Heroic Adventure in order - collecting your rewards along the way - before the time limit expires.

The preview banner for each stage shows the top prize for that stage. Grand prizes are awarded at the final stage and can range from coin and gem bundles to card packs and chests.


  • You must meet all the requirements to participate in a given stage of the Heroic Adventure, such as having the required hero in the party or having unlocked the required challenge.
  • Heroic Adventures that feature Tests of Might are only available to players who have reached Arena 2 in Battle Mode at least once.

I was wondering what the “special” tab that briefly flashed on the Events panel was:

Sweet :slight_smile:

Hopefully some are geared towards higher level players- but not too high :wink:

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Cool, I like the idea of having more variety… with the slow grind to make anything above about level 12 it will be nice to have something to do other than just the same challenges or people to fight in pvp.

I assume Jarlaxie requirement will feature at some stage - hopefully not too early (for my sake at least :wink:

Heroic Adventures is an utter fail. I was very happy to see stage 1 was unlimited tries, and it took a very painful 30 something matches to get to stage 2, but then I saw it had the same 30 gem refresh garbage. I was still getting matched up with the same people on stage 2 who wrecked me 7 times in a row in stage 1. How many matches do I need to lose before I am not paired up with the 3-4 people who have a 100% win rate against me?


I went 0-7 against same player. Beat a bot and got him again. He pulled his ranger with level 4 legendary bow all but one time. It won’t stop until event over.

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I’m averaging 3 losses for every win. There’s no way I’m paying crystals for every 1 win. Not worth the money, nor the time needed to do it.
Utter fail in my book.

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Heroic Adventures is just a rename for Test of Might…

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So far I have finished the second stage. It cost me 120 gems and along the way I won 3000gp a 3hr chest, an 8hr chest, and a blue chest(12hr?) and a couple of hours of distraction playing by current fave phone game.

For anyone who hasn’t done it yet, those chests open immediately, you don’t have to wait.

I don’t know if I will continue on since the next stage takes 20 wins. I do see that if I continue and finish it, I will win 50 rare, 4000gp, and a purple chest, plus whatever the grand prize for completing the whole thing is

I’m not mad at this at all

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Ok, I will say that although I am not mad at what I am getting out of this event, I will say I am a little disappointed in this first version. It was stated that this event would combine test of might and challenges. I was looking forward to combining play types for a prize, not just doing a 3 different stages of the same thing.

I was thinking the same thing. The first post by the mods clearly indicates Heroic Adventures are a combination of challenges and Test of Might. Unless I am overlooking something, there are no challenges involved, instead Heroic Adventures is just Test of Might segmented into 3 phases.

The developers have mislead the players once again. This is another failure and the rewards that do not match the required effort.

IF the prize was good enough, I MIGHT be willing to pay the gems necessary to slog through 10 ToM wins. But definitely not 20. And the rewards are not good enough even if there was only 10 to slog through.

Thank you for the feedback, @Mkb617, @Orloch.

Sorry for the maybe silly question, but I have completed all the 3 stages. How can I get the grand prize? I don’t see it anywhere. Will it be awarded after the events is finished?

What IS the grand prize?

Similar to challenge mode, the developers appear to have omitted the grand prize. The highest reward available for the current event is the purple chest.

On the second I won first five, lost one, won one, then cheat battles commenced. 2 in row of my 12-14 against level 16. In the second battle their level 15 fighter hit for 8000+ dmg wasn’t even a crit. Pull the other one

Oh wow… haven’t finished the third stage but the way it is worded there should definitely be something at the end beyond what would be the final stage reward.

Looking at the event itself though it’s clear that final prize is purple chest