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Introducing: Heroic Adventures [Dec 17th & 18th]

Classic Orloch :wink:

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Yeah but at the end of stage 1 and 2 you get a chest as well

This line from above makes it seam like there would be another prize at the end outside of what you get for each stage.

“And a grand prize at the end”

Yes, that is what I was trying to convey before my internet service became erratic.

The ‘Grand Prize’ is identified to be received after the final stage (4th stage - Sharpstone Keep) is complete. Perhaps the developers omitted the grand prize when they decided not to implement the 4th stage.

As you’ve pointed out also says combined challenges and PvP which it doesn’t. When u get to the actual event it’s clear what the prizes are.

I’d say they didn’t do challenges as noobs would say I havent unlocked that or it’s hard and/or more experienced players would find easy ones tedious

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I agree it is clear what the prizes will be now. At first look and expecting a “grand prize” those just look like stage prizes though.

I just completed the Heroic Adventure. No grand prize at the end.

Hi @Jon, I just completed this and also didn’t see the “grand prize at the end”. What happened to it?

@gpinsky1313 & @Fradam

The final prize of the final stage is considered the Grand Prize.

There was no final prize of the final stage or any stage. Just the usual reward dice.

I think that @Jon is saying that the reward for the 20 die (or “final prize” as he calls it) in the final stage is considered the Grand Prize.

Think of it like getting a dollar on the Price is Right wheel but without the chance to spin again for a chance to get $10,000 or compete Showcase Showdown. It is still a prize that’s grand (literally), but there’s no additional stage or reward to access.

I’m disappointed given the original text:

But @Jon’s explanation of what constitutes the Grand Prize is an interpretation that can technically be supported by that text.

I find it odd that a player can potentially miss out on the 20 die reward and still complete the event.

I suppose even then they can say that the quota of gems to complete the event is the prize.

It kind of feels like:

I’d say it is more like I go into your closet, take one of your sweaters, wrap it up and put a bow on it then tell you Merry Christmas.

I remember posting similar for the first “heroic adventure” and still believe the term “grand” prize is misleading. Technically it is correct because the “biggest” prize in a contest is usually considered the grand prize. But, since each stage has its own prize, in both versions, calling it a grand prize makes it sound like there would be something for finishing the whole thing in addition to all the stage prizes.

In the first one at least there were stage prizes. You knew for instance you would get a Purple Chest for completing the stage. So even though I expected a Grand Prize in addition at least there was any prize at all. This time all you got was whatever die rewards you rolled just like you would in any challenge. Calling it a Grand Prize last time was a stretch at best. This time it is just absurd.

Yeah I agree with that.

They definitely do a great job with marketing to make things sound better than they will actually be. If I hadn’t been disappointed by the “grand prize” in the other one I would have expected and been disappointed this time.

I will say though that with this one if you took the time you could actually make more in each stage than you were suppose to get, as long as you were willing to pay for it and just not choose whatever advanced you.