Introduction of Pterosaurs


The way the Pterosaurs have been added to the game has been a disappointment. It has all just been too easy. I like to hunt dinosaurs, it is the most interesting part of the game for me. But with the Pterasaurs there have been so many events we have effectively just been given them. I have 16000 Hatzegopteryx dna and I have only caught around 10.

This weekend I expect to have the legendary Alankylosaurus, I already have 40 dna, and I have done nothing to earn it except win a few battles. I have worked hard to get my other legendaries and I am proud to have them. There is no feeling of achievement in owning any of the Pterosaurs.

There is plenty of challenge left in the game trying to create the remaining critters which I don’t have yet, but I hope this isn’t the model for the introduction of new creatures in the future.


I think the same, look at Pokemon go they are able to hype the community again and again with new pokemons and Events


I feel the same… their impact in battles is to little to be that excited… and their litterally everywhere… every strike… to me the fliers have reached the level of poke go launch ratatta and pidgeys