[Investigation] Jurassic World Alive | Raptor Scent Capsule (More Information Required)

Hello DPG members, our team received some reports that their newly synthesized Raptor Scent Capsules were having some issues attracting those sneaky raptors! We’re not really sure what went wrong on our end. However, we believe that the raptor’s high intelligence could have played a role in their immunity to our Raptor Scent Capsules.
In hopes of creating an improved formula for the capsules in the future, our devs are trying to gather more information from our players who were affected by this to try and figure out what the main issue was. If you had used the Raptor Scent Capsules and didn’t see any creatures being lured, could you provide us here with the following information:

  1. Your device information

  2. Time and date of when the issue occurred

  3. The location you were in (City/Country)

  4. What were you doing when the issue occurred, for example, were you moving around on the map or stationary?

Any additional details you think would help our devs could also be sent here to support+forums@ludia.com, and including your support key in the email will be helpful as well.

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