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Invincibility not working with Quetzorion! Attack going through

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Bug Description: Invincibility is not working for Quetzorion against Diora on a non shield penetrating attack.

Area is was found in: battles

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- use invincibility with Quetzorion
Step 2 - let a non shield destroying attack take place from Diora -the attack was ferocious strike
It shouldn’t hit Quetzorion with invincibility on . Also Quetzorion had dodge take place .

How often does it happen: just happened 1 time in arena and 1 test battle

What type of device are you using: IPhone 6Splus

Also I might add another alliance member also reported that invincibility swap in wasn’t working on a bird legendary and reported it . We also did test battles proving it was a bug and the attack should not go through !

You can also see that the visual shield for Invincibility does not break it stays in place !

So knowing this is something to do with invincibility on multiple dinos you can kind of point out it’s not specific dino related it’s in the actual move applied Invincibility!

I’m sure anyone can reproduce this ! If not I will try to reproduce it and record and send in a trimmed copy.