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Invincibility Shield still broken

Had 2 instances come up today where either instant invincibility isn’t working or needs a better description…

Scenario #1
I had Tryko, opponent has Eril. Eril cloaks as first move, Tryko does II. Next turn, II is gone and Eril is able to hit.

Scenario #2
I have Quetzo, opponent has Eril. Eril uses speed up strike, I use shield. Next turn Eril swaps to Spyx, I use nullify rampage to hit. Third turn, I use basic move to kill Spyx. fourth turn, shield is still up and Eril does speed up strike but can’t hit. I use basic move to hit Eril.

Something is really wrong with II and shields in general…

This is how it is supposed to work. They made a statement about this a while ago


Instant Invincibility counts “turns” which is to say it will always go down at the end of your opponent’s turn regardless of whether or not your opponent attacked, hence why if an Erlidominus cloaks II doesn’t stay up.

Long Invincibility counts attacks, including the use of the move itself. Ergo, it will not go down until the both players have down at least two attacks each (one for you using the move, another for you using some other move, and two for your opponent using non-defense shattering offensive moves).

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