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Invincibility taunt still broken in PvP

It went from one extreme to the other, but instant invincibility taunt is still extremely broken in PVP. Now, it disappears before the opponent even goes a turn.

Tryko vs. Erlidom. - erlidom priority cloak, trykosaurus instant invincibility taunt. Because erlidom has speed priority, the invincibility should stand for erlidoms next turn, but now it disappears as a complete waste of a move.

Basically everything with a faster priority move will just waste an instant invincibility if their priority move is used at the same turn as the slower invincibility taunt.

Ludia please fix this. Put invincibility back to the way it was prior to this update. You’ve absolutely ruined this priority move.

They made a statement about this. I feel it balances tryko and maxima

It doesn’t balance anything. And it’s broken, because turns should go in order of priority. If you’re slower, your slower priority move should not disappear before the faster creatures priority move. It makes zero sense. Whether or not it was “meant to be this way”, it doesn’t make sense with the way the rest of the game works, and it needs to be fixed. There are other, better way, to balance out creatures.

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Everything is broken

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The definition of a turn is now different than it was in 1.14. Ludia explained how turns work in this update. And explained how IIT works for “This Turn”. It now only works for the duration of the turn it is used.

Not a bug. It’s an intended feature. Read the announcement about it.

Actually it does. Take grypo vs max. Max wins thanks to IIT, but many times I swap to rhino to strike this turn and the next to finish it off without being punished. It allows for more strategy

I like to that it balances things. So I respectfully disagree.

I’m going to guess that you got a lot of boosts invest s in the two?

I understand the frustration. But I believe the use if moves and their turns has changed. So if you used Instant Invincibility Taunt the same turn as Cloak, there goes your turn. This would force you to wait until the turn they attack in. I don’t get why people don’t do this, because the turn they cloak you go for an attack. The next one you put up the shield to take the hit.