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Can somebody please tell me how I can get hit with a decelerating impact yes I sent impact when I’m using invincibility should be able to get hit with any things called invincibility you’re invincible I don’t get it


You won’t sustain any damage but you will be slowed.

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Yeah but it shouldn’t happen. I should not be able to be touched you understand what I’m saying


And also a stunning impact anything that says impact should not be able to affect you


It blocks psychical attacks. It’s not instant immunity. To answer your question whether they change the wording or not it works that way because it should. It adds a small layer of planning


Whatever why don’t you try looking up the definition of invincibility


incapable of being defeated, overcome, or subdued

  • an invincible wrestler who has never lost a match

Synonyms of invincible

bulletproof, impregnable,indomitable, insuperable,insurmountable, invulnerable,unbeatable, unconquerable,unstoppable

Words Related to invincible

inviolable, unassailable,unbreachable, untouchable

armored, defended, guarded,protected, safe, safeguarded,secure, shielded

unbeaten, unbowed, unconquered,undefeated, unsubdued


I don’t need to. It’s a shield that defined as the invincible version because it’s 100%. You aren’t thinking this through. It’s a shield that acts like all other shields yet you are trying to get upset about semantics. Put down the dictionary and play the game.


You are right though. To save future confusion they should change the name from “instant invincibility” to “instant 100% physical attack blocking shield that acts like we all know shields work in that it blocks attacks but not status effects so don’t get confused”.

Then when the next thread asks “how is it 100% when status effects are still able to hit you?” They can change it to “instant 100% physical attack blocking shield but 0% status effect blocking shield that acts like we all know shields work in that it blocks attacks but not status effects so don’t get confused…again…please”


You’re playing a game about dinosaurs fighting in an arena, using different abilities to affect stats, and you choose to argue the semantics of the word “invincibility?”

My man you dropped all semblance of realism and logic when you installed the game.


Why yes I am “ranger abcdefg” you hit it right on the nose affect stats so therefore if I’m trying to gain ground in a game based on stats then dont you think I should be able to rely on my "dinosaurs " ability to do what they say they are going to do. Or are you one of those children who doesnt understand what certain words mean ?


Aw, you’re adorable.

Btw you’re the one incapable of understanding that blocking damage and blocking effects aren’t the same thing.

@Sara close this before this person antagonizes more people.


Adorable I hope your not a guy anyway if you’ve actually read anything what I’m talking about is how its worded as its pertaining to a strike it doesnt say slowing motion and besides invulnerable is just that nothing can affect you period.


Btw I wasnt getting upset it’s just been something that was on my mind and I wanted to see what others thought different input on the matter instead I get some ABC person blowing it way out of proportion trying to correct someone like hes almighty or somethin



From the game.
-Shield 100% for 1 turn.
It says nothing about blocking effects.


grabs a chair to watch the clueless person dig himself a bigger hole

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grabs popcorn


What dino did u use it with? if it was alankylosaurus did u also use short defense after using invincibility? Because the shield move used after will push back the first one used in my experience.

Ex. If i used invincibility first
Turn 1: Uses invincibility, gains invincible shield, takes 0 damage
Turn 2: Uses short defense, which replaces the invincible, meaning I take 50% damage
Turn 3: Still short defense
Turn 4: Here’s my invincibility again

Idk if im the only one who experiences this or if its a bug or something, but this is what i’ve noticed in battles. This may be the problem for u.


I understand your point but it doesn’t matter if you believe that the invincibility feature should keep you from getting affected from the abilities of the dinosaurs that hit you.

In this game, “Invincibility” is only regarding to physical damage. As plain as that. Even if you think you shouldn’t get slowed or stunned, that’s how it is in this game.

The wording isn’t wrong because there is already an ability called “Immunity” which everyone understands as the way to avoid being slowed or stunned or etc. With that level of understanding people are able to figure out that “invincibility” is in a different category.

Again, I understand your point. I understand the dictionary definition of the word. But this is a game and there are certain ways this game works that we adhere to in order to participate.


Oh dear, Ludia, please change the name of the Invincibility move to something like ‘the wall’ or whatever. This will never end otherwise :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: