Why the bloody effects of invisibility and diversion of scams don’t work 100%? If there is neutralize scams is no reason to rely on luck in battle. This is ridiculous!


It is 50 percent of the time! Yes it is annoying, but lucky for you there is dinos that can counter invisibility and other types of diversions! If you are using it, you should not count on them to completely destroy a dino or 2.


Given that is 50% chance skill and other dinos can counter it easily. Not to mention RND is working very strange. Well… your chances fall to the bottom of the rack :joy:


I have noticed that Blue does rather well against the cloak; most other rapotors don’t.

Suggested to use monostegotops or another nullifying dino against.

As for using the cloak, most dinos can hit with the basic attack, but above that the attacks are about 25% chance of hitting.