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Invisible Active Scent Capsule Display


Hi – Not sure if I’m seeing a bug (not good) or a programming change (also not so good). For the past several days, when I activate a regular scent capsule I get the usual “orbiting blob” display and on-screen countdown. I’ll go after the 1st dino that spawns, and when the display returns to the map… nothing. Just the regular blue radius markers but no orbiting blob and no countdown. The first time this happened, I thought I’d lost the rest of the scent capsule and turned off my phone – and about an hour later went back into the game and found the “do you want to activate another?” message. Since then, every scent capsule I use does the same thing: normal active capsule display, normal dino tagging, and then a display with absolutely no obvious indication there’s an active scent capsule out there. Strangely enough, the dinos spawn (and are shown) exactly the way they were always shown when a scent capsule was involved, but if I’m not paying a lot of attention I have ZERO ways to tell there’s an active capsule until the “use another?” question pops up. Since it’s pretty consistent, I’m wondering if this is a new way to “show” scent capsules in action, a bug, or a problem with my phone… (iPhone 6S running iOS 12.1.0)


This was fixed the other day. Go to the App Store and download the latest update.


Thanks! Done did it… :slight_smile: