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Inviting All Beginner Players 🙂

Calling all new players!

Are you looking to progress faster through the game? Well look no further JWA Paleontology might be the alliance for you :grin:

We are seeking ONE beginner player. What qualifies you? Here is what would qualify you as beginner player:

  1. 1500 or less trophies

  2. No Legendary, Unique, or Apex creatures

  3. Has started rather recently… like within 1-4 weeks

Now you might be saying to yourself right now… “I qualify but why would I want to join your alliance @MINMI,” well here’s why! We would be offering up the following benefits:

  1. Three Level 20 sanctuary’s

  2. Extremely Good Rewards

  3. Active Dinosaur Donating Members

  4. Powerful members that can help you in a abundance of raids

If any of this sounds intriguing to you please contact me on discord (MINMI#4136) or on the forums via PM. But remember, please don’t wait! Room won’t last.

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